Plush High Rise Air Mattress by Fox Air Beds

Plush High Rise Air Mattress by Fox Air Beds

Plush High Rise Air Mattress ReviewThe Intex Comfort Plush High Rise Air Mattress by Fox Air Beds is a pocket friendly, exceptionally comfortable air bed with a very high satisfaction rate among customers. While this bed retails for less than $1000 at most large scale retailers, its attractive features make it worth your attention.

This review does not aim at compelling you to purchase this mattress, but to show you the pros and cons of this mattress brand.

Air Mattress Review: Plush High Rise Air Mattress by Fox Air Beds

Intex Comfort Plush High Rise Air Mattress Features

  • Size and Features

You can get this bed in any of the four sizes: Twin XL (80 x 39 x 20), Full (75 x 54 x 22), Queen (80 x 60 x 25) and King size (80 x 76 x 25), according to the official Fox Air Beds website. These are the usual sizes that even traditional mattresses come in. This means you will not miss beddings for your air bed. Even better, you dont need to purchase newer beddings like bed sheets if you already have some extra ones.

  • Easy to Use and Comfortable

An air mattress should not make you have poor quality sleep that can lead to your daytime unproductiveness. That's why this bed comes with pillow-top and air-flow chambers that give you a pleasant sleeping experience. The Plush High air bed is ideal for use at home due to its sturdy and heavy design. Its super flat surface design is handy in offering back support, making it a comfortable bed for people with back issues.

The Plush air bed also features an in-built two-way external pump that makes inflation an easy task. According to most users, you can set up the bed in less than 5 minutes, which is quite fast. Even when unexpected guests suddenly stop at night, you can easily set up the bed for them and still stick to your sleeping schedule.

  • Durability

This air mattress has been designed from vinyl material, which is almost 43% thicker than other materials. This rugged design ensures that the mattress will last for a long time. The durability of the mattress is worth its price.

  • Guarantee and Customer Service

You will have a 90-day warranty when you purchase any Plush High Rise Air Mattress by Fox Air Beds from a certified supplier. Although not much, the warranty will come in handy in the event that you are dissatisfied with the bed during the first 3 months of use. To be sure that the bed you have purchased has warranty, check product details at your online retailer of choice.

Plush High Rise Air Mattress Reviews

The number of customers that are happy with this product is satisfactory. Most customers on Walmart love that the air mattress is easy to inflate, is comfortable and not prone to easy air leakage. It has also been consistently voted as one of the the best puncture proof camping air mattresses.

Where to Buy Fox Air Beds

No one deserves less than total quality sleeping experience. Choosing this airbed for either your guests or as an extra bed is a sound investment decision as you will get the best value for your money. You can Shop around online for the best price for the mattress, buy it and have something that your guests will always talk about after their visit.

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