How to Sleep with CPAP Mask On

How to Sleep with CPAP Mask On

Do you know how to sleep with a CPAP mask on? Read our guide to find out.

People find it hard to use the CPAP mask regularly. Treatment for sleep apnea differs from one person to the other. However, this should not discourage you because using the device gets easier with time and has a lot of benefits.

You need to be patient enough when transitioning to use the CPAP machine. Besides a having a restful night, treating sleep apnea is also essential for both physical and mental health.

How to Sleep With a CPAP Mask On

If you have just bought your first CPAP mask, you should try wearing it for short periods of time while you're awake. For example, you can wear the mask while reading in bed or  watching TV. This will help you get used to having the mask around your face.

After a few minutes, let's say 15 to 30 minutes, try wearing the mask and hose with the device turned on. This should also be done while you are  awake.

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Wearing the mask will help you get used to how it feels.

From there, you can start using the CPAP mask every night when you go to sleep.

Doctors recommend that you wear the CPAP mask everyday so that you can get used to it quickly. After several weeks you will be able to know whether the mask and pressure are right for you.

Check the Customer Reviews Before Buying the CPAP Machine

CPAP manufacturers usually make the devices differently. Each unit incorporates different features, looks and feel that why you’ll find some prefer using one compared to the other. Check for important features that suit your needs then go through the reviews of those who’ve tried it.

  • Some CPAP devices operate quietly meaning they will not disturb your sleep partner during the night. The noise levels of CPAP machines are calibrated in decibels; therefore, you will need to put into consideration the rating for each of your picks. 30Db can be compared to the sound of a whisper.
  • Consider going for CPAP machine with a humidifier if the air passing through it is a bit harsh. The humidifier will make you more comfortable as it tends to heat moisture in the air. You can also maintain the warmth in the room by pairing the device to a heated hose.
  • If the pressure settings of the machine are stronger, go for one that comes with the auto ramp property. This will increase the pressure it emits until it gets to prescribed settings for a good night’s sleep. Some CPAP machines usually adjust their pressure automatically as you breathe without interfering with your sleep.
  • Most first time users usually complain about exhaling especially against the machine’s pressure. Some devices come with the FLEX or Expiratory Pressure Relief feature. This ensures the pressure of the machine lowers when the user exhales which in turn makes it tolerable.

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Consider the Mask Options

CPAP Masks are available in three different styles: nasal, full face and pillows. The full face CPAP mask is ideal for mouth breathers. For those with severe claustrophobia, masks with little to no face contact would be perfect and also enhances visibility. If you like reading, watching T.V or wear glasses, CPAP Mask options are great.

How to Sleep Faster With a CPAP Machine

Keep Practicing

Be patient when using the CPAP machine as it gets easier with time. After a while, patients develop an excellent technique by sticking to the sleep apnea treatment. Wearing the CPAP mask some hours before retiring to bed will help you get accustomed to it. You can also wear the mask when reading, watching T.V, taking naps and on vacations.

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CPAP desensitization is a process that typically helps users get used to the machine gradually by putting it to use for longer nightly. Start of slowly then increase slowly.

Ensure You Choose the Right Mask

The CPAP masks are available in different types to suit the users needs. Put into consideration the type of mask that comes with unique features depending on your preferences. A full face mask is ideal for mouth breathers as it covers both the mouth and nose.

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However, those who breathe through the nose can use pillow or nasal masks since they occupy a smaller surface area. Patients prone to allergies and congestion need a full face CPAP mask ideal when the nose is blocked. Accessories like CPAP creams, headgears, liners and straps make using the machine bearable.

The mask should also fit properly to keep you comfortable all through the night. If it’s too tight, the pressure will leave marks on your face and the wrong size will not stay in place when you move around during sleep.

Optimize the Sleeping Area for Comfort

Ensure your bedroom is clean, nice and super comfortable to sleep in.

  • The room should be cool, dark, and free to avoid any distractions
  • It should be quiet
  • Don’t use electronic devices an hour or two before sleep. However, you can watch T.V
  • If the room is too hot and quiet, the fan will come in handy to enhance comfort
  • Declutter the room and keep it clean. Messes tend to stress people out subconsciously and can also deprive you of sleep.
  • Ensure the bedding is soft, comfortable enough and supportive. The same applies to the pillows. You need to fix whatever bothers you especially when it comes to the bed.

Enhance Your Lifestyle

You can make some changes in your daily lifestyle to make it easy for you to sleep better at night. For instance, you can try the following tips:

  • Eliminate or avoid caffeinated drinks and stimulants before bedtime
  • Don’t take alcoholic drinks and hour or two before retiring to bed
  • Exercise for about 30 minutes three times in a week and ensure it’s 3 hours before you go to bed
  • Eat early and have time to relax to prevent stomach cramps and heartburn

Relax Before Going to Bed

Take time to unwind before bedtime. This is quite difficult for some people as they find it hard to stay awake. You can meditate, read a book or watch T.V or anything else that can soothe you. Relax for at least two hours before going to bed.

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Avoid any emotional or stressful topics before bedtime. When you are stressed the body tends to release cortisol that makes you stay alert.

Keep  the CPAP Mask Clean

Skin cells, dust, bacteria, smells, and allergens may accumulate on the CPAP components since the mask comes in contact with the skin and you breath through it. You will sleep better at night when the CPAP is clean. Besides, keeping it clean increases its durability and will also keep you healthy.

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You can hand wash the CPAP components twice a week using mild soap and water then air dry them. Alternatively, use CPAP cleaners such as Lumin to disinfect the items.


It might take you some days to get used to the CPAP machine but you shouldn’t give up. With practice and patience, you will be able to use it comfortably.

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