DenTek Dental Night Guard Review

DenTek Dental Night Guard Review


Finding real user Dentek Dental guard reviews online can be quite difficult. This is why we ordered the teeth grinding pack and had one of our team members test it. Read on to find out what you should know about Dentek Night Guards.

dentek mouth guard reviewDenTek is an oral health company that manufactures different dental products. One of the most well-known products is the Dental dental guard.

For prevention of bruxism, the company provides three different types of nighttime mouth guards that are effective in stopping grinding and clenching. The guards are adjustable and, hence, can easily fit your month. Apart from this, you won't need to boil them depending on the model you buy.

Read our Dentek dental guards review below.

Dentek has a number of health care professionals that are in charge of developing the products and marketing materials for its TMJ mouth guards. This product is one of the best over the counter mouth guards for teeth grinding.

DenTek Dental Guard Reviews

Majority of the oral health products from DenTek have mostly received positive reviews across major consumer shopping sites such as Amazon (check reviews). The night guards are not bulky and are cheap. This makes them ideal for stopping light bruxism.

However, their small sizes can be an issue because they don't last long, are too small to stay in the mouth, or are too thin.

Features of Dentek MouthGuards

DenTek mouth guards are of high quality and have worked for many people who grind their teeth at night. Some of the features of the dental guards include:

  • Storage Case: Hinged storage case protects the guard while not in use.
  • Instructions: The DenTek Maximum Protection Dental Guard Kit comes with instructions for self-molding. You can mold the guard on your own at home.
  • Durable Non-Bulky Bite Pads: Help to prevent your upper and lower teeth from touching. By placing the dental guard over one lower molar pair, you get the same level of protection as a full coverage dental guard.
  • Adjustable Straps: The dental guard has a strap on either side for easy adjustment
  • No Boiling Dental Guard: This only applies to the Comfort Fit Dental Guard. The guard is easy to adjust and requires no heating and molding.
  • Worn on Any Teeth: The guard can be used on both the upper and lower teeth
  • Comfortable Retention Wall: Improves retention to keep guard in place during use.
  • Easy to clean: You can clean the night guard using warm water and toothpaste
  • Adjustable and Easy to Fit: One size fits most mouths with an easy five-point adjustment system.

Types of DenTek Mouth Guards

DenTek provides three comfortable dental guards that are effective in dealing with bruxism. The products are: Comfort Fit Dental Guard, Custom Comfort Dental Guard, and DenTek Maximum Protection Dental Guard Kit.

DenTek night guards keep the upper teeth apart from the lower ones to prevent involuntary grinding. However, the instructions for using each product are slightly different from the other. Therefore, it is important to read the instructions if you would want to switch between models.

Before you choose a mouth guard, you should consider your level of bruxism and how comfortable the dental guard will be in your mouth as you sleep.

1. Comfort-Fit Dental Guard

DenTek Dental Night Guard Review 1

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If you grind your teeth lightly, you should choose the Comfort Fit Dental Guard. The mouth guard is designed to fit your lower jaw and can also be molded to fit your upper teeth. The teeth guard has an indicator that tracks wear and will show you when the guard should be replaced. However, when molded to the top teeth, the wear indicator becomes less effective.

DenTek Dental Night Guard Review 2The guard has a retention band that helps it stay in place. However, the band can sometimes fall out if the molding and shaping to fit the mouth is not done well.

To get the teeth guard ready for use, rinse it in warm water. This will make the mold soft. You can then bite it down using your lower teeth.

Adjust the mouthguard until at least half of your back molar is covered by the bitepad. However, make sure the bitepad does not extend beyond the molar.

The molar pads have five notches which you can adjust further back. Confirm that the guard reaches your back teeth without you having to bend or pinch it at the front. Bending or pinching the guard can damage it.

Comfort Fit Dental Guard Instructions

According to DenTek, the guard can last for a minimum of six months. However, depending on how severe your bruxism is, you may need to replace the teeth guard in as little as three weeks.

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2. Custom Comfort Dental Guard

dentek custom comfort fit guard

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The Custom Comfort teeth guard is a transparent guard that is designed for the lower jaw. The mouth guard has a slightly thicker iteration and features an inner and outer layer. The inner layer is soft and comfortable to the teeth while the outer layer is sturdy to protect against grinding and clenching.

The Custom Comfort Dental Guard is ideal for people with moderate clenching and bruxism. The Dentek night guard is slim with a narrower tooth bed. This means it works well mostly for people with smaller mouths.

Majority of customers on Amazon are satisfied with this mouthguard. You can read their reviews here. The teeth guard is comfortable and provides protection for about two months.

The Custom Comfort Fit is a boil guard and, hence, needs to be boiled prior to use. You can boil the night guard in a microwave.

Custom Comfort Dental Guard Instructions

To use the Custom Comfort Dental Guard, you will first need the following materials:

  • Microwave
  • Metal fork
  • Ceramic plate
  • Ceramic cup
  • Clock with a timer
  • Mirror
  • The dental guard

Follow the instructions below to fit the guard:

  • Fill the cup with water, put it into the microwave and heat it until the water starts boiling.
  • When the water has boiled, remove the cup from the microwave and let it rest for about 20 seconds.
  • Put the guard inside the hot water with the softer side facing down. Let the guard stay in the hot water for about one minute.
  • Use the metal fork to remove the guard from the water and put it on the ceramic plate with the soft side facing up. Let the guard cool for 10 seconds.
  • Put the guard in your mouth but do not bite down yet. Hold the mirror in front and use it to guide you in aligning the guard between the two front teeth.
  • When the guard is aligned in the correct position between the teeth, bite into it and suck to remove moisture. Press the now soft material around your teeth and gums using the fingers.
  • Firmly bite down into the guard again and do not move the teeth for about 5 minutes. Your guard will now be ready for use.

You can remold the Custom Comfort Dental Guard once. Check the bruxism guard on Amazon below.

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3. Maximum Protection Dental Guard

dentek maximum protection dental guard

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This is the most popular DenTek dental guard in the market (see Amazon reviews). The guard is meant for patients with light to moderate teeth grinding, is easy to mold and use, and does not cause soreness or pain. You can use the dental guard from one to three months.

The Maximum Protection Dental Guard is a traditional boil-and-bite design that is meant for the upper teeth only. The guard has an ergonomic design that will easily fit your teeth and features two layers. One of the benefits of the soft inner lining is that it helps to reduce the noise caused by grinding.

The design of the teeth guard makes it comfortable while still providing protection against grinding. The bottom layer is made from EMA, which makes the mouthguard more durable than both the Comfort-Fit Dental Guard and Custom Comfort Dental Guard.

The Maximum Protection Dental Guard comes with a forming tray. To begin the molding process, first put the guard in the tray to ensure it is at the right place. You can test whether the guard is in the right place by putting it into the forming tray and biting down. Move the teeth to the centre of the guard and ensure it covers through the middle of your back molar.

The DenTek Maximum Protection Dental Guard comes with a hardened mold, which has to be soaked in boiling water before biting to create an impression of your teeth. The device also has an adjustable strap on each side.

You should clean your DenTek mouth guard on a daily basis. After cleaning, you can quickly dry it using a hair drier. The DenTek night guard is made of two layers of materials. There is an inner soft layer that is comfortable and fits well, and an outer layer that is hard and durable.

Maximum Protection Dental Guard Instructions

Follow the steps below to use your DenTek Maximum Protection Dental Guard:

Step 1: Making Your Teeth Impression

i) Boil some warm water and rinse your dental guard in it. The warm water will help to soften the guard. If the guard does not seem softened enough, leave it in the warm water for 1-2 minutes.

ii) Remove the guard from the warm water, put it in your mouth on the lower teeth and bite down. The upper teeth bite should make an impression on the mold.

iii) Use a mirror to check that the molar pads cover at least half of your last molar. If the guard does not cover at least half of your last molar, repeat the procedure again.

Step 2: Adjusting your Maximum Protection Dental Guard

iv) Slide the molar pad back one notch to adjust.

v) Repeat on the other molar pad so both are aligned.

vi) Test the guard on your teeth to feel whether it fits well. If it doesn't continue adjusting until you get the right fit.

NOTE: The molar pads can only be moved five positions.

Step 3: Cleaning your Maximum Protection Dental Guard

vii) Your DenTek mouthguard should be cleaned after each use. To clean, brush the guard gently with toothpaste and/or mouthwash and then rinse in cold water. Never rinse the guard in hot water; otherwise, it can change its shape.

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Advantages of Dentek NightGuard

  • Sold with a one-year money-back guarantee
  • DenTek Custom Comfort model of the mouthguard has a durable surface and, therefore, lasts long
  • DenTek dental guards are fairly cheap
  • Your personal dentist can make a dental guard for you

Disadvantages of Dentek Mouth Guard

  • The dental guard fits so tightly. Acidic saliva may get trapped leading to cavities
  • Sensitive users may feel uncomfortable because of the noticeable ridge between the inner and outer layers
  • Some consumers report that the DenTek dental mouth guard is a bit bulky

Replacing your DenTek Comfort-Fit Dental Guard

You should check your DenTek dental guard monthly for signs of wear or tear. The durability of your guard will depend on how often you grind your teeth and the force that you use. Generally, the dental guard should be replaced after every 3-6 months.

You can buy Dentek mouth guards from Amazon.

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