Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Review

Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Review

If you’re looking for a great cooling mattress priced under $1,500, then the Sealy Cocoon mattress will suite your needs. This is the perfect mattress for people who sleep hot and don’t mind the feel of memory foam. The mattress is great for relieving pressure and at the same time very supportive, meaning it is comfortable for everyone despite their different sleeping styles. However, it is more comfortable for people who sleep om their stomach or back.

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Table of Contents

  • Sealy maintains Consumer-Friendly Policies
  • Cocoon Chill vs Classic
  • Price Of The Sealy Cocoon Mattress
  • Foam Construction For Soft And Firm Models
  • More About The Chill Cooling Cover
  • Cocoon Is Available In Two Firmness Profiles
  • Thoughts On Sleeping Positions

YouTube Review of The Bed

For those who are more of visual learners, below is a Cocoon mattress video review. It covers both the Chill and Classic models.

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If the video did not satisfy you fully, continue reading because there is an extensive review below. It outlines everything from feel to design and sleeping positions to firmness.

Sealy Maintains Consumer-Friendly Policies

Cocoon mattress includes a standard free trial of 100 nights for its customers. If the mattress isn’t as comfortable as you were expecting it to be, you’re allowed to exchange the bed during the 100-night free trial period. However, you will only be allowed to swap the “Cocoon Soft” mattress for the “Cocoon Firm” version. You will also be able to claim a 100% refund within the same 100-night trial period.

Sealy also provides their customers with shipping on the Cocoon Classic and Chill mattresses. They make things easier for you because once you’ve ordered the mattress, it is shipped to your doorstep via UPS without any extra charges. They then send you the shipment’s tracking number so that you’re able to trace the mattress until it gets to you. Once you’ve received your bed all you’ll be required to do is unbox it, let it inflate and enjoy.

Cocoon offers standard UPS shipping (this means your mattress will arrive within 5-7 days). In addition, Sealy offers UPS next day, Saturday deliveries and UPS second day delivery, which typically depends on the area you live in. However, Sealy doesn’t provide international delivery to its customers yet although they are working on it. So, if you don’t live in the US, they will send you a note asking you how you’d like your mattress to be shipped.

If you’d like to communicate to Sealy regarding any issue with your mattress, you can email them at [email protected] or call them at (888) 818-4039. If you want your bed to be exchanged within the 100-night free trial period, they will arrange on how it will be picked up. This typically includes recycling, disposing or donating the mattress. Once they confirm the return, they will refund your money within 1 to 2 business day.

For those with concerns about durability, the company has a 10-year limited warranty which covers both the Classic and Chill mattresses. This allows you to either repair or replace your mattress within 10 years as from the date of purchase. The defects acceptable according to Sealy’s warranty include torn mattress covers, visible indentation that are grater than 1” etc. Since there many specifications regarding the warranty, ensure you’ve gone over the details of the warranty on the Cocoon mattress by Sealy website.

Cocoon Chill vs Classic

As previously mentioned, the Chill mattress is available in two different models the Soft and Firm, however, the Classic model which is more affordable hasn’t been mentioned. The feature that differentiates the two is the Chill mattress comes with a phase-change cover while the Classic mattress doesn’t have one. The Classic mattress is around $50 cheaper that the Chill mattress, however, the discounts offered on the bed are not as appealing as those of the Classic mattress.

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One of the things that will draw you more to the Classic mattress instead of the Chill mattress is the price range because plus the cooling cover is not necessarily important. Most customers tend to go for the Classic mattress since the cooling cover is normally deemed unnecessary. The main drawback when it comes to the Classic mattress is that it is not suitable for warm sleepers, so if you are concerned about temperature you should go for the Chill mattress.

Price of The Sealy Cocoon Mattress

Sealy’s Cocoon Chill mattress happens to be amongst the more affordable cooling mattresses available in the market. Its price range is similar to those of Leesa, Casper Bear amongst other known online mattress brands. The Chill mattress’ pricing can be broken down as follows:

Twin $600
Twin XL $650
Full $760
Queen $930
King /Cal King $1150

There is an exclusive coupon code available for you on the right side of the screen or you can as well visit Cocoon by and check out the current bundles and offers available. Just like most companies, Sealy normally offers discounts on their products during the holidays. They often thrown in gifts such as pillows or other different sleep accessories alongside all mattress purchases done. You can also look at the Mattress Deals and Coupons page to view the promotions that are currently available.

Foam Construction For Soft And Firm Models

Both the Chill and Classic beds contain a 10” height profile due to the numerous layers of from they are constructed from. Thanks to its outstanding phase-changing cooling cover, the Chill mattress is also cool to one’s touch.

The construction of the beds varies depending on the one you pick, whether it’s firm or soft brand. The firm mattress comprises of only two layers while the soft mattress is made of three layers.

Polyurethane foam is used in the construction of the base layer. This is common on almost all foam mattresses. The foam is quite responsive, but the fact that it is dense means that it’s not pressure relieving because of the foundation.

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The soft mattress includes a transition layer which as expected aids in softening the mattress. What Sealy does here is they reduce the thickness level of the base layer, which in turn allows room for the transition layer, a softer poly foam. The less one can feel the firm, dense layer at the base, the softer the bed becomes. The image above is of the soft mattress, allowing to see the three-layer model. There are numerous foam mattresses which are constructed like this. For instance, Puffy brand only had two layers, but the redesigned their mattresses which now include a transitional layer in the middle so that there’s less feel of the foundation by sleepers.

The firm mattresses don’t include a transition layer, allowing the sleeper to feel the dense support of the foam. However, the thickness of the bed doesn’t change. The Cocoon mattress is always 10” thick for all models. Below is an image of the construction of the firm model. You’ll see the bottom contains  the dense foundation, while the top is constructed using memory foam.

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Despite the model you pick, the top layer is always constructed using 100% memory foam. As is common with memory foam, the layer will adapt to the user’s sleeping position, body shape and size. In short, the name “memory foam” is derived from the mattress ability to remember your shape.

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It makes sense that Sealy designed a bed-in-a-box mattress that is made of memory foam, given that the parent company, TSI International Group also manufacture TempurPedic, a brand that is known because of the memory foam used in its design.

If you’re concerned about toxic materials, you’ll be relieved by the fact that Cocoon mattresses are certified by CertiPUR-US certified. This is a nonprofit organization that conducts thorough safety inspections. CertiPUR-US basically state that the mattresses are safe enough to be used in your home by both children and adult.

More About The Chill Cooling Cover

The mattress cover has been infused using Sealy’s trademark Phase Change Material (PMC) which basically disperses and absorbs body heat. The cover, just like the name suggests, makes the Chill mattress cool even to the touch. Most mattress manufacturers claim to be using cooling technologies that are good at preventing the bed from sleeping warm, however, this often isn’t as effective. Cocoon Chill’s Phase Changing Material aids in providing you with a fairly cool sleeping surface.

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Although the cover on the Cocoon Chill mattress is removable, it’s not washable. If accidentally spill something on it, it’s recommended that you spot clean the affected area. Don’t rub vigorously at the stain, but instead dab at it with a damp cloth (dipped in water containing a little mild detergent). Scrub gently on the affected area until the stain has cleared, then leave the bed to air dry.

However, if you know there is a great chance for your mattress to get stained, it would be a good idea for you to look into buying a mattress protector. Mattress protectors are great for preventing stains from ruining your bed. Although Sealy give a go ahead on using a mattress protector, we think that covering it may somehow prevent the bed from its cool-to-the-touch feel, as well as hinder its ability to cool you down effectively while using it.

If you’d like your mattress to feel new for many years to come, it is recommended that you rotate the bed 180 degrees periodically. Most mattress manufacturers advise that you do this at least every 6 months in order to prevent the bed from getting any lasting indentations. On the other hand, the Cocoon Chill mattress is not flappable.

Cocoon Is Available In Two Firmness Profiles

Cocoon mattresses are popular for their memory foam feel, which allows them to mold according to your sleeping position and body’s shape. However, the bed has a denser feel unlike other memory foam beds, meaning that you’re not going to sink into as deep as you would while sleeping in a traditional mattress that is made of memory foam. You’ll find that Cocoon feels like TempurPedic’s budget version (which in fact is their sister company).

Unlike majority of other memory foam beds (which are good at retaining heat), the cooling compound found in Cocoon Chill’s cover is what allows the mattress to have its comfortably cool sleeping feel. The best part is the cooling feel isn’t easily lost.

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Sealy’s Classic and Chill bed are available in two firmness options. However, you’ll notice that the two options feel quite similar, but the most preferred one is Cocoon soft, which allows the sleeper to sink into the mattress a bit more and is less dense. The different firmness options are subtle, although the Soft bed is slightly softer compared to the firm bed. As the graphic above shows, we’ve come to a conclusion that both beds can be viewed as medium-firm.

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Here’s a brief overview for people who aren’t familiar with memory foam: its great for pressure relief, but it also responds slowly to pressure. In fact, memory has the tendency to feel more firm when you’ve just laid on it, but as pressure and heat are applied it becomes soft, which means that you’ll slowly begin sinking into the material. As you try to switch positions, since the bed can remember your shape, there will be some resistance. This is a common thing with all beds made of memory foam.

If you try changing positions while sleeping, you may experience slight indentation from where you were previously sleeping. However, you shouldn’t feel trapped by your Cocoon mattress. Interestingly enough, memory foam is great for combination sleepers. On the other hand, you might not like the bed’s resistance especially when you’d like to be able change positions freely. At the same time, you’ll come to appreciate the memory foam since it tends to create a little indentation or nook which will have a perfect fit to your body.

Thoughts On Sleeping Positions

Cocoon mattresses are constructed using dense memory foam which provides stomach and back sleepers with enough support. Stomach and back are generally drawn to firmer mattresses which make sure that their spine remain aligned throughout the night.

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As seen above, regardless of whether one gets the firm or soft bed, Cocoon indeed has a firmer mattress. The mattress more suited for back and stomach sleepers.

However, some side sleepers might find this mattress to be comfortable enough for them, though it may not be the ideal pick for all side sleepers as it may not provide them with the needed pressure relief. If you’re heavier, you might not experience any issues while sleeping on the bed, but this isn’t the case for petite people.

Note that firmness and firmness are normally moving targets and can vary from person to person. There is a possibility that the Soft bed will be perfect in terms of pressure relief and there’s also a chance that it might not.

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Cocoon mattress is not the perfect pick for combination sleepers, but if you don’t mind the feel of dense memory foam used in its construction and you don’t tend to favor your sides 100%, then you can go for it.

Is It Possible For Heavy Sleepers To Sleep On This Bed?

Cocoon mattresses are designed to be supportive enough so as that can support all body types, even heavier people but we’d recommend that you check out a spring or hybrid mattress first if you weigh between 250-300 lb or are even heavier. The memory foam used to construct the bed is dense enough so that it can as well support heavier sleepers and remain durable as well as support several sleeping positions. However, it might not be your all-time, long term mattress being that it’s constructed entirely of memory foam.

Will Couples Like The Sealy Cocoon Mattress?

If you enjoy sharing a bed with your spouse, then the Cocoon mattresses are a great pick for you, as long as you both agree on things such as the feel and firmness of the bed. The cover’s cooling properties ensure that you remain cool even while sleeping next to someone exuding body heat.

Moreover, Cocoon mattresses include a thick layer made of memory foam at the top. As you already know, memory foam is good for isolating motion, which comes in handy when sleeping beside someone who tosses and turns a lot throughout the night. Motion isolation means your mattress is good at minimizing movement on the surface you are sleeping on.

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The mattress also has great edge support, meaning that if you happen to be sleeping at the edge you won’t feel like you’re going to fall off the bed. This comes in handy for people in a relationship and are not sleeping on a king size bed.

Cocoon by Sealy Review: Verdict

Cocoon’s Chill mattress is a cool, affordable bed which is perfect for warmer sleepers and people living in areas with very hot climate. The bed comprises of a dense memory foam feel. Although the memory foam used in constructing the bed, it still sleeps cool. Cocoon Chill comprises of two firmness options, firm and soft. However, the firm and soft versions only contain a slight difference.

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