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Best Nasal Dilators


Nasal snoring aids are anti snoring devices made specifically for nose snorers. These anti snore devices are relatively cheap in comparison to the other anti-snore devices. You can even get one for less than $30.

What are nasal Dilators?

These are anti-snore devices made of plastic or rubber. The devices are fit into each nostril to keep them from opening while one is sleeping.

How do nasal dilators work?

Let me use a simple illustration to explain to you how these devices work.Get in front of a mirror then use your finger to plug one of your nostrils with your mouth closed. While doing this, breathe in deeply.You will notice that as you breathe in, the open nostril will tend to close itself up.

When you sleep with both of your noses blocked, breathing becomes difficult. As a result, you will end up snoring. Nasal dilators will help keep both your nostrils open, therefore preventing snoring.

How effective are nasal dilators?

The University of Goteborg in Sweden and Sahlgrenska Hospital conducted a study to evaluate the efficacy of nasal dilators. They found out that nasal dilators led to a substantial decrease in snoring sounds.

Here is a review of some nasal dilators in the market

#1. Nasivent

This nasal dilator is made up of 100% medical grade silicon, which makes it soft and comfortable. You can easily get a fitting size as the device comes in 4 different sizes.

#2. Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator

Breathing Relief, like other nasal dilators, works by keeping the nostril open. The nasal dilator is ideal for people with deviated septum. Athletes can also use it since it is not only comfortable but also stays in place. This device has been shown to improve athletes’ performance as it keeps their nostril open for easy airflow.

#3. Snore Pin

This device is made of latex-free material and does not also attract dust. The Snore Pin is made up of two cone-like, anti-allergic polyurethane dilators connected by a clip.

The dilators also have air filtering slits that allow nasal hair to go through them. Unlike Nasivent, the material used in making this device is hard and might be uncomfortable during the first few nights of use. However, you will get used to it with repeated usage.

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