Best Nasal Dilators

Best Nasal Dilators

nasal dilators review

A nasal dilator is a nose snoring device made specifically for nose snorers. These nose snoring solutions are relatively cheap in comparison to the other anti-snore devices. You can even get one for less than $30.

What are Nasal Dilators?

These are internal or external anti-snore devices made of plastic or rubber, such as silicone and polymers, which improve the way you breathe to prevent snoring. The devices are fit into each nostril to keep them from opening while one is sleeping.

There are two types of nasal dilators: internal and external dilators.

Internal dilators are inserted into your nostrils before you go to sleep. On the other hand, external dilators are stuck to the outside of the nose using adhesive.

How Do Nasal Dilators Work?

Let me use a simple illustration to explain to you how these nasal opening devices work. Get in front of a mirror then use your finger to plug one of your nostrils with your mouth closed. While doing this, breathe in deeply. You will notice that as you breathe in, the open nostril will tend to close itself up.

When you sleep with both of your noses blocked, breathing becomes difficult. As a result, you will end up snoring. Nasal snoring aids will help keep both your nostrils open, therefore preventing snoring.

If you have a deviated septum, stuffy nose, or swollen nasal passages, it can be difficult to breathe through the nose. In such a case, you can use an internal or external nasal dilator to correct this problem without any medication.

How Effective are Nasal Dilators?

The University of Goteborg in Sweden and Sahlgrenska Hospital conducted a study to evaluate the efficacy of air nasal breathing aid devices. They found out that using a nasal opener led to a substantial decrease in snoring sounds.

Do Nasal Dilators Really Work?

The simple answer is, it depends. For a nose opener for snoring device to work, it should fit properly in your nose. Therefore, the design of the dilator is critical to whether or not it will work. The above dilators have been tested and work to help reduce snoring.

However, if you have sleep apnea, the dilators will not do a great job. Instead, you will have to find a suitable CPAP machine.

How to Choose a Nasal Breathe Aid

Like weve said above, it is critical to choose a nasal dilator made of the right materials and that is of the right shape. Apart from these, the dilator should fit you properly.

Most companies make assorted packs of nasal dilators with different sizes and shapes of the devices. Therefore, it is easy to find a dilator that will fit you well.

Advantages of Using a Nose Dilator

Using nasal dilators is a safe and natural way of stopping snoring. Unlike nasal sprays that have chemicals that temporary open up nasal passages, dilators are made from BPA-free materials. No chemicals are laced on the dilators.

Another downside of using anti snoring sprays is that they can lose their effectiveness after regular use. Some people also experiences short, stinging sensations with regular use, which could lead to coughs, throat irritations, fatigue, and nosebleeds.

Best Nasal Dilator Reviews

Here is a review of the best nasal dilators for snoring in the market

#1. Anti Snoring by BRISON (Editors Choice)

anti snoring by brisonThe shape of this nasal dilator makes it easy to insert in the nose. The anti snore device is made of comfortable, high-quality medical silicone material and is PBA-free. Therefore, it does not produce the characteristic smell that some silicone products have and does not cause allergies.

The shape of the nose sleep aid enables the nasal passages to get maximum air when you are asleep. The product is also portable and therefore, great to carry when you are traveling.

How to Use BRISON Nasal Dilator

  • Select the size that suits you
  • Insert the anti snoring device gently into your nose
  • Go to bed for a comfortable sleep without snoring

anti snoring by brison containerWhy We Love it

  • FDA-approved nose vent. The BRISON anti snore device is made of medical-grade silicone, is non-toxic, phthalate-free, BPA-free, and eco-friendly.
  • Flexible silicone. Made of soft, flexible silicone and does not produce any smell
  • Different sizes. Each pack comes with four different-sized nose vents (very small, small, medium, and large). Therefore, you will end up using just one or two sizes. However, buying the pack is worth it!

Before You Buy

The nasal snoring device takes a little to get used to and hence may be uncomfortable during the first few nights. However, it works to stop snoring. Apart from this, it may make your nose pretty dry if your room is not that humid.

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#2. P&J Advanced Nose Vents

p&j anti snoring dilator reviewsThe P&J Advanced Nose Vents are scientifically designed to increase the airflow passing through the nasal passage, and in effect stop snoring. The nasal dilators are made with medical grade silicone and therefore are safe and have no side effects. The material used to make the dilators is BPA-free and has no smell.

Using the P&J nasal dilators is easy: simply insert them gently into the nose. The vents are shaped like the nose for comfort and a perfect fit.

P&J nose vents come in 8 different sizes and are shaped like the nose for a perfect fit. The vents are packed in a reusable plastic case, where you can store them during the day or when traveling for hygiene purposes.

What You Should Know

  • A package comes with 8 vents that are of the same size. The vents fit nicely in the nose.
  • The vents are durable and last for a long time. You can replace them when you spot signs of wear or tear, which can be really a long time if you usually store them in the case.
  • To clean the nasal vents, simply run water over them.

Before You Buy

If you have never used nose breathing aids before, it can take a week or two to get accustomed to the P&J dilators. You may feel a bit of rawness when they first contact the nose. However, the feeling subsides away in a few weeks.

Also, if you choose a small size, the inserts may get off the nose during the night.

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#3. Snore Pin

snorepin nasal dilator reviewThe Snore Pin is made up of two cone-like, anti-allergic polyurethane dilators connected by a clip. This device is made of latex-free material and does not attract dust. Each snoring dilator has little slits on the surface that enable the nasal hair to catch airborne particles and prevent them from reaching the lungs. As a result, you will have a better quality of sleep.

The material used in making this device is hard and might be uncomfortable during the first few nights of use. However, you will get used to it with repeated usage.

Why We Love It

One of the features that makes Snorepin stand out is its design which helps to reduce the symptoms of dry mouth. The anatomic conical shape of the device guarantees better airflow, is unobtrusive and virtually unnoticed when worn.

What You Should Know

  • Comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee
  • The device can be machine-washed
  • You receive 2 devices in the pack you order
  • The devices is small and hence not uncomfortable. However, you may feel uncomfortable the first time you use them as your nose gets used to something being inside it.

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#4. Splintek Intra-Nasal Breath Aid (by SleepRight)

sleepright breathing aid reviewThe Splintek Nasal dilator by SleepRight is a non-adhesive alternative to sticky nasal breathing strips. (Read: Best Nasal Strips for Snoring).

When you put the breathe aid in your nose, it opens up the nasal passages to improve your breathing and stop snoring.

The SleepRight nasal breathe aid box comes with 3 nasal dilators, all stored in one case. You can use each device for 15 days. The devices are made from drug-free and BPA-free materials. It may take you a couple of days to get used to the discomfort of having the dilators in your nose. However, after a couple of uses, you wont notice the discomfort.

To make the insertion much more comfortable, we recommend that you rinse the dilator with water to lubricate it.

What You Should Know

While the company recommends that you use each dilator for 15 days, we found that they actually quite a bit longer than is stated, usually 30 days before they lose their tension. Therefore, the cost is reasonable. After sometime, the dilator start losing some elasticity and may get off your nose when you are sleeping. This would be the right time to replace these dilators.

The dilators does not comes in different sizes for small, medium, or large noses. However, they are flexible and their cone shape makes them suitable for any type of noise. You will have to bend the dilator around to find a good fit. If you have a large nose, you can insert the dilator in the reverse direction (i.e., bend up instead of down) to get a better fit.

You can clean the nasal dilators using soap and warm water every morning.

Before You Buy

On first use, the SleepRight breathe aid may feel a little scratching and irritating. However, the feeling goes away after one or two nights of use and the dilator becomes comfortable.

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Final Thoughts

There are many types of stop snoring nose piece devices in the market. The above are the most comfortable nasal dilators based on the materials they are made of as well as their design.

While we recommend the Anti Snore by BRISON as our best nasal dilator, the other items on the list as also strong contenders. We found the BRISON model to work just as great as the others, but its price is cheaper.

If price is not an issue, any of the above nose breathing devices will work.

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