anti snoring rings reviewYou have probably never heard of anti-snoring rings. This is because they are not as famous as other stop snoring solutions. Snoring rings use acupressure reflexology, a principle that has been around for more than 4000 years.

Acupressure reflexology is the practice of providing relief through the feet or hands using different pressure points (meridians/acupoints). Anti-snoring rings make use of tui na, an ancient Chinese medicine, to provide relief.

How it works

All rings have the same shape and design and are normally worn on the little finger. One end of these rings is usually open, which makes them easy to wear. The rings also have a small bulging metal piece on their inside that puts pressure in the meridian point.The meridians are normally nowhere near the actual place that the problem emanates.Therefore, to use these rings effectively, you have to insert it at the very base of your little finger just one hour prior to sleeping.

It is not recommended to wear the rings for more than 12 hours.

How effective are snoring rings?

According to manufacturers, snoring rings have a success rate of 85%. In some Amazon reviews, some snorers noted changes after their first night of using the snore rings. Other people noticed changes after about 1 week. Also, for some users, the rings were completely effective in stopping snoring while for others the snoring only reduced to a particular amount.

Which snoring rings are there in the market?

There is a variety of snoring ring brands in the market. Popular ones include Silent Knight Ring, Snore Band and AntiSnor.

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