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Best Anti Snoring Chin Straps


Using anti-snoring chin straps to combat sleeping problem is not as complicated as using other anti-snore devices. All you have to do is to fit it around your face just like a sling.

How do anti snoring chin straps work?

There are two types of snorers; nose snorers and mouth snorers. Chin straps are effective stop snore devices for mouth snorers.

The tongue, throat and jaw muscles relax when you fall asleep. This causes your chin to drop down and in turn, unconsciously, opens your mouth. As a result, you will start snoring. Also, in its relaxed state, the tongue will block your airway and therefore contribute to snoring.

A snoring chin strap will not only keep your mouth closed but will also maintain your jaw in the right position. Thus, your airway will be free from tongue blockage. This means you will have a sound sleep.

How effective are chin straps?

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine conducted a research that concluded that using a chin strap solely will not effectively stop your snoring or treat OSA.

How comfortable are chin straps?

While I have seen some users applauding chin straps for their comfort while sleeping, others find them extremely uncomfortable. However, there are brands that make adjustable chin straps. These straps can be fit according to your preferences.

Can Chin Straps be used by anyone?

Chin straps are not ideally suitable for everyone. People with blocked noses, in particular, tend to breathe through the mouth to make up for the air shortage. Such people will find chin straps limiting and uncomfortable. In addition, someone with a blocked nose will be exposed to serious risk when they wear a chin strap, seeing that the body will be having oxygen shortage.

Chin Straps and TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TJD) is a medical complication of the temporomandibular joint. The condition causes problems like headaches, clicking sounds in the jaw, dizziness, locked jaws, tinnitus and even bite problems.

Because the chins straps work by keeping the jaw in place, people suffering from TMJ should avoid them as they can make their condition worse.

Which chin straps are available in the market?

There are numerous chin strap brands in the market. Some of the best chin straps you can buy include Super Deluxe, Premium Chin Straps and Ruby produced by Avlon, Neoprene and Happy Sleep.

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