Archtek Grind Guard

Archtek Grind Guard

Last Updated November, 2017

archtek grind guard review
The Archtek Grind Guard is a dental product that is hygienic and has its own clam-shell package.

The product uses the Form-Fit technology that enables a very comfortable fit. According to the molding instructions, the dental guard is heat for about eight seconds in boiling water. You then allow the dental guard to cool a bit before biting in it to create an impression of your teeth.

Archtek Grind Guard is durable and efficient for heavy bruxers because of the polycarbonate material that it is made from. The product is comfortable when worn in the mouth since it has a smooth surface and a clear color. The night guard helps to reduce the pain that comes with bruxism.

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Features of Archtek Grind Guard

  • Comes in clear color, reducing any unpleasant stares from people.
  • The product is used on the upper set of teeth
  • Designed for use at night or during sleep
  • Requires self-molding
  • Relieves the symptoms of bruxism

Archtek Grind Guard Instructions

You need to put the Archtek grind guard in hot water to mold it. However, before you start this process, test the mold in your mouth and practice sucking water, air and saliva out of the mold before you start the heating process. This will give you a feeling of what you will do when the mold is ready.

From here, follow the following steps:

#1. Boil about 4 inches of water. When the water has reached boiling point, turn off the heat source and let the water cool for about 2 minutes.

#2. Use the triangular tab to hold the guard, and then gently place the guard in water. While still holding the tab, wave the guard in the water for about 7-10 seconds. The guard will start appearing clear. Do not let go of the tab while dipping and waving the guard in the hot water.

#3. After you have heated the guard to soften it, carefully place it in your month, fitting it on the top teeth. Press the guard gently on your teeth without biting into it. Next, suck all the saliva, air and water out of the guard and suction it to your teeth as tightly as you can. Hold the guard on your teeth and press with your tongue to maintain a tight seal.

#4. After about 20-30 seconds, remove the guard gently and carefully from your teeth and rinse it in cold water. The guard will have been molded tightly to your teeth. If your mouth is small, you can cut the guard on the edges with a pair of scissors for a better fit.

#5. Feel the edges of the guard. If they are rough, deep the guard in warm water to smoothen the edges.

#6. Try the guard on to check whether it fits to your satisfaction. If it doesnt, repeat steps 1-5.

#7. When you are satisfied with your fit, remove the triangular tab from the guard by cutting it off with a pair scissors. Again, if the edges become sharp from you cutting the guard, put some warm water on the edges to smoothen it out.

#8. If you want to reform the guard, put it in warm water and follow the steps 1-5 that weve outlined above.


After bring the water to boil, let it cool for about 2 minutes. The guard is best molded in warm water butnothot water.

Benefits of Archtek Grind Guard

Archtek provides comparable benefits to other teeth guards that we have reviewed on the website. While it may not be the most popular night guard in the market, it is the most preferred guard by heavy bruxers. Some of the benefits of the teeth guard include:

  • Can be used by heavy bruxers
  • Not very bulky. You can close your mouth while sleeping
  • The pack comes with clear instructions for use
  • There is a possibility of re-molding the product
  • Comes with a clam-shell package for storage
  • The guard is cheaper than having a custom one made for your by your dentist

Disadvantages of Archtek Grind Guard

  • Bruxers with teeth that are sensitive to temperature may feel some tingling or may entirely not be able to use the guard since it has to be boiled during the molding process
  • The molding process is a bit tricky and time consuming
  • Your jaws can get stressed as the flexibility of the material does not allow for a slight grinding or moving of the jaw muscles
  • Some people prefer products that can be won on either the lower or upper set of teeth
  • The heating process can result into melting the product to a point that it cannot be used again

Buy Archtek Grind Guard

Archtek Grind Guard is available over the counter and at online stores. The best place to buy the kit online is at Amazon.

Make sure you read the reviews of other customers to know what to expect from the night guard.

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